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Tony G.

January 29th 2018

hi 5 star(s)

Very prompt , service and timing. Very honest people to do business with.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. will call again for service

Billy L.

January 17th 2018

hi 5 star(s)

Keep up the great job guys! offers reliable and professional service to count on. The people are friendly and helpful and always answer the questions whichever they are asked.

Jim M.

October 14th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Called for a plumber this morning and they sent a very competent, honest plumber that fixed my backed up drain.  He didn't try to oversell me and explained exactly what it was that he was doing.  Could not ask for better service!  Thank you!

Christina B.

July 8th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

On a Saturday, our sewer pipe overflowed flooding our laundry room with raw sewage. After calling almost a dozen different plumbing companies with emergency hours, this was the only place that was willing to come out on a Saturday and not only did they come out they were there within 30 minutes. The tech that came out, Ryan, was courteous; efficient; and very knowledgeable about solving our problem. He worked diligently and patiently answered all of our questions as we are first time home owners and a massive plumbing problem like this was a new experience for us. After he fixed the problem he laid out the facts of how we should proceed with our plumbing in the future and was able to give us estimates on a variety of jobs. I feel that he was honest and did not try to oversell something we did not need but rather clearly stated what he felt was the best option to maintain healthy plumbing lines. I will always be grateful for how quickly they came out & didn't take advantage of an emergency visit with exorbitant prices. I would definitely recommend them.

Joseph A Lipetzky

July 1st 2017

Would like to put a great thank you out to Kevin Szabo Plumbing Contractor, did a great job, plumber Ryan was on time ,cleaned the water out of crawlspace and did not have to do that, fixed the leak, put an emergency shut-off valve for the hose connection just a big thank you to be put out there

Debbie Wolfe Slattery

May 16th 2017

My basket arrived!! Thanks so much a BIG thank you to my mother Lynda Barnett Wolfe for nominating me!!!

William Thomas Ellis

April 8th 2017

Kevin Szabo is the best and most honest plumber this side of the Mississippi River

George B.

April 4th 2017

I worked with Nick to fix our water heater for a small commercial office space. He was great. We did everything via phone/text. Gave me a quote, ordered the parts we needed, and fixed our problem without me needing to take a day off work. Highly recommend.

Kevin Szabo JR Plumbing- Local Plumber

March 31st 2017

Shout Out to all our plumbers today. They made sure to take care of all emergencies in a timely manner. It's unfortunate at times when everyone is backing up, or their pumps aren't working. Staying calm under pressure is a must. We love our customers!! Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority!!!!

Princess Phoenix

March 24th 2017

Hey! Nice logo! BTW I've seen you around town. Thanks for the awesome work!