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Jason Reetz

June 28th 2019

Have not had a reason to use them(knock on wood) but they do a lot of good things for the community and would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs!

Nikki Brugger-Chapman

June 28th 2019

Called because we needed help with an issue with our toilet, the gentleman was very professional and explained everything to us. I always get nervous calling places for service, but I feel that they were very fairly priced. I look forward to using them for future plumbing needs.

Brittany Trumblay

June 27th 2019

Amazing men, amazing work, amazing prices !!!! You can’t go wrong!!!! Highly recommend 🙂

Sarah Carey

June 27th 2019

Love how this company is always giving back to the community!! Great people!!

Lauren Powley

June 27th 2019

Great company! descent prices! Won't be disappointed!

Bonnie Nylund

June 27th 2019

For all your plumbing needs!! Great and prompt service.

Angie Gorz

June 26th 2019

How can you not recommend a business that really cares about people? I definitely recommend this one!

David Lannan

June 26th 2019

Quality work and fair priced

Kelly Rashaedeh

June 26th 2019

We have been using Szabo plumbing for as long as I can remember. Long before the company was as large as it is today and mr Szabo did most of the jobs. A great family with great commitment to their customers and their community. We have had our toilet rotted, our outside faucet replaced, and kitchen plumbing repaired by Szabo and they are the Fastest, most efficient, and affordable company.

Robin Grabenhofer

June 26th 2019

For some reason thought of our awesome company and memes you post when I saw this one.