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Ann Lynch Knapp

August 2nd 2019

Family friendly company highly recommend

Scott Boat

August 1st 2019

Excellent work and very professional! These guys are awesome!

Ann Smith Morrison Lynch

July 31st 2019

Great fan of company love their posts

Takesha Marcella Williams

July 30th 2019

looks very interesting. I'm interested.

Carrie Schwickrath

July 29th 2019

Great to get in contact for all your local plumbing needs

Kristine Danyelle Garcia

July 29th 2019

Great company with great customer service! Recommend to everyone!! Professional as well

Monica Lynn

July 25th 2019

Thank you Szabo Plumbing for another amazing job! We have new piping and a new outdoor spigot which lasted 29 years. Now....we're good for another 29! Lol! This company is terrific! πŸ€—

Colette Bragg

July 24th 2019

Totally worth the phone call and recommendations!!! Nick came out quickly, within an hour to be exact! He was patient and knowledgeable. He will be back on Monday to do the job. Great company Kevin!

Robbin Zaffino

July 23rd 2019

On a Sunday night when your hot water heater decides to take a leak all over your laundry room floor, who do you call? I call @ Kevin SzaboJrPlumbing and they show up Monday morning with a new one ready to install.. Thank You for Quality service, Quality Service Tech’s and Overall Great Company to do business with. We would never call anyone else.. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Don Lindsey

July 12th 2019

I recently put an addition on my house in Oaklawn IL. His crew did all new plumbing for the whole house. They were very professional and curtious. The quality of there work was well above my expectations. They were even able to run new gas lines to my appliances. All of the plumbing was very neatly done ,not sloppy looking like I've seen on some new construction jobs . I believe that the price was very fair and not inflated. I couldn't be any happy with their work. There was a whole crew on this job and they were able to do all the plumbing in just four days.I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber. Thank you Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing