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Greg Enzenbacher

June 22nd 2019

hi 5 star(s)

One word sums it up, awesome, thanks Chris and Jim.

William Love

June 17th 2019

I'm pretty handy and try to do most jobs myself, but also know my limitations. While it pained me to have to call in a plumber, I'm glad I chose Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing. Joe and Brandon did a great job fixing my issue. First they showed up on time, they then assessed the problem and informed me that they would be back in about 20 minutes that they needed a part. About 20 minutes later they were back and went to work. They had it repaired in about 10-15 minutes. Lastly, they made sure I was happy with the work and since I am a DIY person mainly, they took the time to explain what they did in case I had to do anything with their fix at a later date. While I hope to never have to call in the experts again, if I do, I will certainly be calling Kevin Szabl Jr Plumbing again!

Jackie G.

June 11th 2019

I called this company on a Sunday. Spoke with someone to schedule an appointment for Tuesday. I am shocked I was able to schedule on a Sunday! Awesome. Brandon and Joe came right on time at 9 am, played with my dog and fixed by kitchen sink piping issue. They explained what the problem was and I am confident it is fixed for good. They were also nice enough to fix the stopper in my upstairs bathroom without charge. These guys were totally professional and I would definitely use them again when I run into plumbing problems.

Michael Cusack

June 10th 2019

Great group, always on top of things.

Gerald Grayer

June 8th 2019

Kevin Szabo Jr. Plumbing is AWESOME!! Joe and Brandon just did an awesome job repairing two leaky faucets!! Man, this takes a load off my mind! No more water damage. Great work...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Jennifer Eckel Stoner

June 8th 2019

Joe and Brandon are the best! Great recommendation on the type of bathroom fixture, efficient work, and pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Kevin Szabo, Jr. plumbing.

Gina Marie

June 5th 2019

Your truck is on my block right now!

Vazantha Meyers

June 4th 2019

I used them recently to fix a plumbing issue that was scary to me. They were fast, reassuring, professional and the best plumbing company I have worked with.

Pam Montalbano

May 28th 2019

Excellent service. Joe and Brandon did a great job installing new water heater. Very professional, knowledgeable and finished job in a timely manner. Thank you!!

Connie Pavur

May 25th 2019

Having a plumbing problem strikes fear in the heart of any homeowner…the cost, the bother, the damage incurred…I had two plumbing problems…one small, and common and one big one that required ordering parts, cutting a hole in the wall…a lot of praying on my part. Both repairs were done with efficiency and prowess. The price…fair and reasonable. My expected nightmare of a problem turned out to be not so bad after all thanks to Szabo Plumbing and Logan who was courteous, well organized, and efficient. The phrase ‘high and dry’ takes on a new positive meaning….. in a great way….no leaks, gushing water, dripping deluges…anywhere ! Thank you, Logan, for a job…no JOBS…. well done . Connie Pavur