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Beth Herman

March 22nd 2019

Just had a service call with Logan. He was friendly and professional and did a great job.


March 20th 2019

hi 5 star(s)

This company is great! I had the pleasure of being assigned to one of their employees, (Joe) he was prompt, precise, mannerable, honest, and nice-looking (hey it is what it is) main thing is, he fixed my plumbing issue. (The upstairs bathroom shower when being ran, leaked into the downstairs bathroom. He assessed the leakage from thebase of the toilet. And gave me all of the answers I needed to get my bathrooms up and running. This service was worth every reasonable penny, I will definetly recommend and use their services again!

Jacqueline Quick Human

March 10th 2019

Wow.. Kevin has already contacted me and we have rectified the situation. I did not expect such quick contact. I can say I will continue to use his company for my plumbing needs and with an old house I am sure we will need plumbing work again. Thank you Kevin.

Jennifer Eckel Stoner

March 7th 2019

I highly recommend Kevin Szabo Jr. Plumbing. Every time I call they respond quickly and are able to fix my plumbing problem. Today I called in the early afternoon and the sump pump was fixed within three hours. Their plumbers are always courteous and knowledgable. Plus, they carry the parts they need on their trucks which saves time.

Eunice Small

March 5th 2019

Joe Sykes and Chris just installed a new water heater for us. Really fast response to our call with great service. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Kristina Jackson Bianco

March 5th 2019

Great, professional service! They help when you're in a real bind.

Sarah Elisabeth Bede

March 5th 2019

Great job! Thank your for the help!

Darcy Gray

March 5th 2019

Great service. I would highly recommend.

Jeri Lynn

March 5th 2019

When unfortunate plumbing issues hit, big or small, they dispatch very quickly. They work fast, neat, and price incredibly fairly. They also do amazing things for the community!

Amber Buss

March 1st 2019

I called Kevin on a Friday at 430pm, within the half hour Joe was at our door. Not only did he fix the hot water tank, he explained step by step how it happened and how to prevent it from happening again in terms in which we understood. He worked quickly and efficiently and was as courteous as they come. We highly recommend Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!